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Cardinals suffer COVID-19 outbreak; Series with Tigers postponed

St. Louis Cardinals suffer COVID-19 outbreak; Series with Tigers postponed

The St. Louis Cardinals are the latest team to have suffered a coronavirus outbreak. First, it was the Miami Marlins, who are expected to play on Tuesday in Baltimore with a roster that should be decimated. They haven't played a game since July 26. More than half the roster tested positive in Philadelphia, which translated into the Phillies were forcing to cancel their upcoming games and are finally getting back to playing on Monday against the Yankees.

Now, the Cardinals/Tigers series, which was to feature two games in St. Louis and two in Detroit, has been postponed this week. It was recently moved to Detroit, with a doubleheader scheduled for Wednesday.

The Cardinals have had 13 people from the organization, including players and staff members, according to a statement released by the Cardinals. The statement also insinuates that the Cardinals, who were in Milwaukee, will remain there and "personnel will continue to best tested daily."

St. Louis did not play their most recent series over the weekend against Milwaukee after learning of multiple positive tests on late Thursday night. That means that the Cards will have seven games in a row that will be postponed through this week.

The Cubs are the next team on the schedule starting on Friday, August 7 and St. Louis is hoping to play that series, but as we know, every game and series in baseball during the pandemic is "tentative."

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