Rumored NBA Return Coming Soon

Published: 6:50am, May 22, 2020 EDT | Updated: 6:59am, May 22, 2020 EDT

Written by Winning Willie

We heard word before that the NBA would most likely look to use a "bubble site" format for a return, much along the guidelines of their tournaments held in Las Vegas. Well now some NBA players have heard supposedly heard dates to return, and some have taken to Twitter to talk about it.

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets guard, tweeted out that he heard that practices will return next month in June with ballgames resuming on July 15th from a "bubble site". Adding more fuel to the fire, several NBA analysts with other companies have also stated that they have heard the same thing.

Now whether there is anything set in stone or not is to be seen. However, this provides a ton of hope for us as most things such as this tend to be true. With UFC and NASCAR being able to hold events without a hitch, the door is now open for other professional sports leagues and the NBA appears to be on path for a return sooner rather than later.

I still personally believe that there isn't any reason to finish this season as there will always be an asterisk on the champion. Teams such as Milwaukee have since lost the momentum that they possessed, and the playing field is much more even. My personal belief is that the NBA should just scrap this season, wait out the break and start again once the 20-21 season was ready to begin. However, it appears as though the NBA is determined to crown a champion of some sort for this season.