Top 8 NFL Coaches on the Hot Seat

Published: 4:29pm, May 20, 2020 EDT | Updated: 4:31pm, May 20, 2020 EDT

Written by Ben the Pen

Let's take a look at the top 10 coaches who need to win this season or need to make the playoffs (or advance).

1)Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons.

Quinn could have been fired last season after his second straight 7-9 campaign. Closing the season on a 6-2 run helped save his job. Another 1-7 start or something similar, could cost his job in the middle of the season. It doesn't appear that Atlanta is going to be much better than that 7-9 record of the previous two seasons.

2)Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions.

Why is this guy still coaching after two horrendous seasons? Losing Matthew Stafford to injury for half the season probably saved his job. He inherited a team that was 9-7 and turned them into 9-22-1. Fortunately, the Lions added some quality defensive performers from New England (Jamie Collins) and drafted a very good running back (De'Andre Swift). But that probably won't be enough in the tough NFC North.

3)Doug Marrone, Jacskonville Jaguars.

Can you fire a guy even though the team is attempting to tank? Marrone has Gardner Minshew at quarterback in a division with DeShaun Watson and Philip Rivers. Yannick Ngakoue wants out and they don't appear to want to play anybody. If he gets to .500, he should get Coach of the Year.

4)Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings.

He should be number one because his team had 15 draft picks and they addressed the cornerback situation. They got rid of Stefon Diggs, who whined the last two seasons. They are supposed to be the favorite to win the NFC North. If they make the playoffs as a wild card and don't advance, Zimmer could be gone.

5)Adam Gase, New York Jets.

You wonder why the Jets hired Gase in the first place after he struggled in Miami, but he didn't do that bad of a job for a 7-9 squad. Sam Darnold struggled with mono for about half the season. But if they do fire Gase, an offensive stalwart, it's because the offense is pathetic (17.3ppg).

6)Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

Nagy guided the Bears to the playoffs in 2018, but last season, they were just 8-8. He's in a tough division with Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky at quarterback. The defense also wasn't quite as dominant and that might have had to do with Vic Fangio moving to Denver as head coach. Speaking of hot seat...

7)Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos

Is the 61-year old head coach in over his head after a long career as an assistant? It looked like that at times in a 7-9 season. His defense is going to be good again, though they do have to replace CB Chris Harris. If Drew Lock isn't the real deal and they go 7-9 again or less, Fangio may not see his third season.

8)Kliff Kingsbury, Arizona Cardinals

Is he in trouble yet? But if this team goes 5-10-1 again or less than .500, sure, Kingsbury could be in trouble. Expectations are much higher for this squad, especially with the addition of DeAndre Hopkin at wide receiver. Kyle Murray should make a big jump this season, but if he doesn't, Kingsbury will be partially responsible.