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Sports Betting In New Jersey

Our guide for online sports betting in NJ, including what you can & can’t bet on.

Best betting options for online sports betting in New Jersey

The legal situation on New Jersey sports betting

Legal sports betting in New Jersey has been around for quite some time. However, the expansion of sports betting has started to explode in New Jersey. One of the main expansions is the New Jersey online sports betting which as of February 1st of 2022 has their own dedicated esports betting site. Now, it is time to explore more of the options for sports betting in New Jersey.

🛑 What you can’t bet on from online sportsbooks in New Jersey

  • You cannot bet on in-state college teams or college games that take place in New Jersey.
  • Individuals affiliated with a sports team cannot wager on that team.
  • High school sports betting is not allowed.
  • Sports where the majority of the athletes are under 18 is not allowed.
  • Election and weather betting is not allowed.

🟢 What you can bet on from online sportsbooks in New Jersey

  • Any sport can be wagered on unless it is an in-state team or game for college sports.
  • Oscars and Emmy Awards can be wagered on.
  • Futures betting Is allowed.
  • Player prop bets are allowed as well.
  • Daily fantasy sports betting.

What is the tax situation in New Jersey

The taxation in the state of New Jersey for both casinos and racetracks is 8.5% for land based wagers. In electronic wagers a casino is taxed 13% and racetracks are taxed 9.75%. 

All of the sports betting in New Jersey is taxed at .25% in Federal taxes.

All the available sportsbooks in New Jersey

With more than two dozen mobile apps approved for sports betting it is a lengthy list.

  • Barstool Sportsbook
  • Bets365 Sportsbook 
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • Betway Sportsbook
  • Borgata Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Fox Bet Sportsbook
  • Golden Nuggets Sportsbook
  • Hard Rock Sportsbook
  • PlayUp Sportsbook
  • PointsBet Sportsbook
  • Resorts Sportsbook
  • SugarHouse Sportsbook
  • SuperBook Sportsbook
  • TheScore Sportsbook
  • Tipico Sportsbook
  • TwinSpires Sportsbook
  • Unibet Sportsbook
  • VIE (EEG) Sportsbook
  • WynnBet Sportsbook

Forecasts about the future of online gambling in New Jersey

The future of sports gambling in New Jersey really hinges on how well the newly allowed gambling in New York takes off. February’s handling amount was a little concerning, but March was able to bounce back nicely and alleviate some of the concerns that the state had. 

Each year the monthly handling has grown from a paltry 250 million dollars in the last 3 months of 2018 to the astounding billion dollars that has been hit in 6 out of the last 7 months. This growth is questionable on if it will continue as more sports books start to become popular among residents of New York.

The tax revenue generated is definitely growing for the state of New Jersey for both in-person and online betting. 

To start an operation for a casino or a racetrack it cost 100,000 dollars. For an Internet gambling the cost is 400,000 dollars and an additional 250,000 dollars in responsible gaming fees. 

Timeline of main events in New Jersey

  • 2012

New Jersey has an extensive history of sports betting and actually passed legalized sports betting in 2012. However, due to the Federal law and multiple lawsuits the state of New Jersey could not accept sports bids right away.

  • 2018

In 2018 when Congress ended the Federal ban on sports gambling New Jersey worked on a new law that easily passed and legalized sports betting.

June of 2018, when the law was signed into law the first retail sportsbook opened in New Jersey.

In August of 2018 the first legal sportsbooks started to accept bets online and that was only 2 months after Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill into law.

  • 2019 

Reports came out for the income level and in the final 3 months of 2018 New Jersey was able to eclipse 250 million dollars in handling. 

Also in 2019 the state continues to hit the same mark each month. In November and December the total dollar amount of money handled each month hit over 500 million dollars and surpassed Nevada in the total monthly handled.

  • 2020 

Just like all areas the sports betting in New Jersey took a hit with the pandemic. However, once sports came back the gamblers did as well as the numbers started to hit staggering amounts.

  • 2021 

The revenue from the sports books in terms of money handled constantly grew and hit shocking numbers outside of baseball only months of July and August. The numbers hit the 740 million dollar a mark in money handled.

September would hit a milestone as the state of New Jersey would exceed the one billion dollar mark in terms of money handled. 

Also in 2021 a referendum was put out to the voters to legalize in state college betting, but it was voted down by the voters.

  • 2022

In February New Jersey got their first dedicated esports betting site.

Super Bowl betting seen the state handle an uptick of 22.4% in bets from the prior year to 143.7 million dollars.

March 16th of 2022 was the first month in 5 months that bets for a month, February, dropped under a billion dollars.

March 25th BetMGM was fined 25,000 dollars for accepting in-state college sports bets.

April 20th the sports books handling was back up over a billion dollars.

How do I start betting online in New Jersey

Signing up for sports betting in New Jersey is easy. You sign up for a sportsbook, as long as you are 21 years old. Then you submit the supporting documentation as needed. When signing up you have to provide geo-location on your mobile device to prove that you are within the state of New Jersey state limits.


Who regulates the legal online sports betting in New Jersey?

Division of Gaming Enforcement

Are the odds the same while betting in New Jersey as in any other state?


What are the differences between sports betting in New Jersey compared to any other state?

New Jersey is seen as the gold standard with how sports betting online is handled. 

Is sports betting legal in New Jersey?


How old do you need to be for online sports betting in New Jersey?


Where can you bet online in New Jersey?

You can bet in-person and online as long as you are physically in the state of New Jersey.