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betrivers Review

100% up to $250 First deposit match

BetRivers Review – How does it compare to other sportsbooks?

We’ve collected data from the largest US sportsbooks, and in this review, we’ll see how BetRivers is comparing itself to its counterparts. Our goal is to present you with an unbiased review of BetRivers based on actual tests. We’ll continuously keep gathering more data and updating these reviews to give you as accurate a picture as possible of the sportsbook. 

How do BetRivers odds compare to other sportsbooks?

We’ve gathered data from multiple sports events to give you more realistic expectations of how well BetRivers odds compare to the rest of the sportsbooks. We’ve mainly looked at the money lines for the sports listed below, but our goal is to include many more variations of bets and sports as time passes.

Sports we compared odds from:

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Soccer (premier league)

Time of comparison: May 2022

If there is one area where BetRivers truly shines, that is definitely their odds section. They have the best odds we have found out of all the sportsbooks we compared. At an average of 3,77% house edge, they are clear #1, ahead of Barstool Sportsbook, which sits at 4,02%.

They have exceptionally low soccer odds compared to the others, while their baseball odds are the only ones considered challenged.

Even if BetRivers house edge has a much lower avg than the rest, there seems to be a handful of complaints on forums about BetRivers bettors becoming limited more aggressively. 

We can’t confirm anything, but we get the impression that BetRivers is an excellent choice for any small bettors, while if you’re betting more frequently, you should seek a sportsbook that is kinder with limiting their players.


House edge: 3.77% (lowest of them all).

Strength: lowest house edge for new players, soccer.

Weakness: complaints about limiting bettors. 


We want to emphasize that our conclusions are only based on our samples and do not cover every sports or betting type (yet). 

Our mission is to continuously run more samples and compare them to all the available US sportsbooks so our users will get as much of a realistic overview of anyone’s odds selection as possible. 

Sports offering

BetRivers has all the major sports and a good selection beyond as well. However, they are missing a few minor ones, like lacrosse, entertainment, snooker, softball, and table tennis, but we don’t believe that will negatively affect most bettors’ experience. 

Sign-up Bonus

Bonus: 100% up to $250 First deposit match

Decent welcome offer, with a lower than avg bonus amount, but great flexibility and low wagering requirement. 

However, this is a cash bonus, not a free bet, as most sportsbooks offer. Therefore, this bonus comes with its pros & cons, which we’ll be covering below. 

What events can you bet on?

Any event.

Is it for a single event or split between multiple?

It can be multiple bets.

What are the minimal odds?

Minimum odds of 1,5 (-200).

What are the wagering requirements?


What is the minimum deposit?


What is the maximum winning amount?

There is no cap.

How long until the bonus expires after signing up?

Must be activated within seven days of registration

How long until the bonus expires after the first deposit?

Thirty days to clear wagering requirements.

If you win, can you withdraw the winnings right away?


How does the bonus work? 

If we deposit $250, we’ll get another $250 in bonus, making it $500. Because of the low wagering of 1xb, we’ll have to place bets equal to $250 to withdraw any winnings out of the bonus. There is no cap to either how many sports events you can bet on or what sports category the events belongs to, so this provides you with a good range of freedom.

Thirty days is what you have to wager the bonus amount, which is surprisingly high considering the 1xb wager, but be aware you can only place bets with a minimum odds of 1,5 (-200), so betting on the favorites is not always an option. 


Keep in mind to always read their terms and conditions, as there are always a few strict rules that are easy to miss, and there is a chance they might get updated without us knowing, so there is always a good rule of thumb to double-check it on their website, even when you’re reading our reviews. 

How does their sign-up bonus compare to other sportsbook bonuses?

Since most sportsbooks’ bonuses are free bets, not cash bonuses like this one, the comparison will be slightly trickier. Either way, we’ll break these down into components and present you with enough data to provide a holistic view of the bonus’s strengths and drawbacks. 

Bonus amount:

The bonus amount is where BetRivers gets placed on the lower end. The avg bonus you’ll find is $1,000, and as of now, PointsBet offers a risk-free bonus of up to $2,000. 

Wagering requirement:

1xb wagering is a low wagering amount, especially for a cash bonus. 

Right now, all free bets have the same wagering of 1xb, so it’s not unusual seeing this. However, if we compare this to the only other cash bonus available by DraftKing, which is 20% up to $1,000. Their wagering of 25x makes us appreciate BetRivers 1xb wager even more. 

Min odds:

The avg min odds on the market is either 1,0 or 1,33. BetRivers min odds of 1,5 is the second-highest out there. Only BetWynn’s 1,83 is higher. 

Expiration date: 

BetRiver’s expiration date is higher than any free bet bonus out there; however, if we compare it to DraftKing’s cash bonus again, which has a 90 days expiration date. It, of course, falls below since BetRiver’s bonus has much lesser wagering. 


The freedom this bonus comes with, plus the low wagering and the high expiration date, make it a “safer choice” to recommend. 

However, the $250 bonus and the minimum odds of 1,5 fall on the lower end compared to the other alternatives. 

It’s no flashy bonus, and it’s not topping our list of best sports bonuses here in the US, but it’s a safer bonus that we would still recommend to our users.


BetRivers is not shy with its promotions. Besides their sign-up bonus, which we talked about above, they offer ten other campaigns as we’re writing this. We’ll not cover them all here, but we’ll highlight those that stand out the most. 

MLB Tuesday – 20% Profit Boost

Login every Tuesday and receive a single-use 20% profit boost which you can use on any MLB wager. The profit boost needs to be used within 24 hours of issuance, or it will expire. 

Max bet: $25.

Max winnings: $250

Min odds: 1,5 (-200)

Claim: Once every Tuesday

Expiration date: July 12, 2022

Available states: AZ/CO/CT/IL/IN/IA/LA/MI/NJ/NY/PA/VA

Daily Odds – BOOST Specials!

In a custom side menu inside the sportsbook, you’ll receive boosted bet offers on any given date. The increased odds get added to the current market pricing; for example, an offer of +200 increases to +230. 

Claim: Every day, 

Expiration date: N/A

Available states: AZ/CO/CT/IL/IN/IA/LA/MI/NJ/NY/PA/VA


When logging in on the same day as the 7th game of any NBA playoff series occurs, you’ll receive a 25% single-use profit boost to use for that particular game.

Max bet: $25.

Max winnings: $250

Min odds: 1,5 (-200)

Claim: Once every 7th Playoffs Series game

Expiration date: June 19, 2022

Available states: AZ/CO/CT/IL/IN/IA/LA/MI/NJ/NY/ON/PA/VA

Rewards/Loyalty Program

BetRivers have a pretty complex Loyalty program in which you’ll progress through levels to earn loyalty points. These loyalty points will be counted towards your loyalty level status and adjusted daily based on the past 61 days. 

The fact that their system punishes you for being inactive is not something we think highly off. Nor does it reward you for playing at BetRivers sportsbook in the long term. 

If you make a similar amount of bets for an equal amount of money over 60 days and then do the same the 60 days after that, you’ll not be on a higher level but instead the same as before. 

The core model is “fear of missing out” and to make you feel bad for not placing any bets. 

How do I enter their loyalty program?

Any player will receive points while betting with real money. The points are accumulated based on real money wagered, which is then based on parlay sizes as follows: 

Parlay SizeReal Money Wager per 1 point

And this is how much points you need for each level:

Loyalty LevelPoints to Reach
11by invitation only

What are the benefits?

As you can see from the screenshot below, 80% of the “rewards” you’ll only be able to get as level seven or above, and we do not have all the details about the rewards to speak confidently on how great these are in comparison to other sportsbooks. 

To give you an idea of what the rewards will be on the lower levels, on level one already, you’ll get access to the bonus store, which allows you to spend your bonus points to “redeem bonuses such as great rewards.”

On level three, you’ll be receiving “exclusive special offers on entertainment, event, and more at BetRivers Sportsbook.” 

Suppose loyalty programs are something that peaks your interest. If so, we recommend entering the site yourself and reading through their guide on how their whole system works and what rewards you’ll receive, as it’s very complex and not something we’ll be willing to cover as of now. 

Just bear in mind what we mentioned earlier about this system punishing you for being inactive. 


BetRivers is one of the few who offers phone support right off the bat, so if that’s something of your preference, that’s a plus. Otherwise, their live chat is not open 24/7, which a handful of other sportsbooks are, and something we wished BetRivers had as well. 

Even though 09:00 – 02:00 is not horrible, and still offers more flexibility than the likes of Unibet with 08:00 to 23:00. 

  • Phone: (866)788-2508
  • E-mail:
  • Live-chat: 09:00 – 02:00


Their contact details vary depending on your state. If you’re from another state, it’s better to seek the details on their site instead. 


[Hashlink to deposit methods above.]

BetRivers offers a great variety of deposit options, even having Discover Card. However, they are missing online banking, AMEX, and wire transfer, but the last two aren’t as popular. 


Hashlink to withdrawal methods above.

BetRivers withdrawal options are also of great variety, which we are grateful for. 

They are missing Cage and Wire transfer, but these aren’t used by many. 

We noticed there are issues with having the option for PayPal displayed, though it is said to be supported. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the option, and based on this thread, you can see others have this issue as well.  

Conclusion of BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers had the lowest house edge out of any sportsbooks from our samples, which means they have the best odds offered out of any sportsbooks in the US. In addition, they have a great variety of banking options and offer a variety of promotions. 

Their low house edge comes with a price, and from various forum threads, that seems to be their aggressive limiting on winning players. 

In addition, their loyalty system punishes inactive players, which we’re not a great fan of, but that might not be a problem for many others. 

BetRivers seems like the strongest candidate of all the sportsbooks on paper. But, from the complaints on limiting winning players, we would instead consider this the top recommendation for lesser active bettors. For our daily/weekly players, we advise seeking other options. 

What we like

Best odds available for newcomers, a good variety of promotions, and fast payouts.

What we don’t like

Aggressive limiting on winning players, doesn’t offer 24/7 support, and a loyalty program that “punishes” players taking a break. 

General Info