Baseball players want to play more games in latest news

Published: 11:29am, June 18, 2020 EDT | Updated: 1:09pm, June 18, 2020 EDT

Written by Ben the Pen

We’re expecting to see baseball at some point this summer, but playing even a half schedule will be next-to-impossible, unless they want to play into November. Considering that many of the experts are predicting or speculating a second wave of the coronavirus coming in October or November, when the weather turns.

Commissioner Rob Manfred flew out to Arizona to see MLPA head Tony Clark and things appeared to be on the right path.

On Wednesday, there were reports of an agreement between both sides and that a 60-game season starting on July 19 with expanded playoffs. But later that day, there were reports from the New York Post, that players wanted to play more games.

Time is running out. These sides have to come together shortly or there will be no season in 2020. Fans can’t keep saying wait for next week or it will happen in a few days. This comes down to hours. They aren’t that far apart so they should have some compromise in the next day or two.