Free CS:GO Betting Picks 6/1 - BLAST Premier Spring 2020 - FURIA vs. MiBR Preview & Prediction

Published: 6:32pm, May 31, 2020 EDT | Updated: 9:04am, June 4, 2020 EDT

Written by Austyn W.

FURIA and MiBR face each other in the BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 tournament. The BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 is a ten-team online tournament. The event has a prize pool of $182,500 and the top three teams will qualify to the BLAST finals. The first-place team gets $37,500 in prize pool, but more importantly to some, it also contributes 800 BLAST Premier points.

Each group has five teams and they compete in best of one matches. The teams receive three points for a win and one point for a tie. The top four teams from each group advance to the playoffs. The playoffs take place from June 5 -15th, 2020. The playoffs feature two single-elimination gauntlet. No grand finals match is played, but there will be a third-place match. The top three teams advance to the European finals.

Match Preview

FURIA is the best Brazilian CS:GO team and has repeatedly defeated MiBR in their recent matches. This local derby match will see the two teams compete against each other once again. FURIA has defeated MiBR in their last four meetings and they look to do the same here in this affair..

MiBR has struggled to find its own identity. The Brazilian roster recently changed its coach as they parted ways with long-time coach, Zews. However, they now had Dead as their coach, and he brings a new playstyle to the team. Dead can help in developing the team chemistry and bringing out the best in the players. The players have shown signs of hope as well, and a few individual plays from the players generate hope for Brazilian players. However, it is also true that MiBR is no longer the best Brazilian CS:GO team. FURIA’s players have been in excellent form and have repeatedly outclassed MiBR.

Pick: FURIA ML (-210 @ Bovada)