Free LCK Betting Picks 6/27

Published: 8:15am, June 26, 2020 EDT | Updated: 10:45am, June 26, 2020 EDT

Written by Winning Willie

LCK Picks 6/27

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Hey there my fellow degenerates! Sadly there is only two more days of LCK action before a two-day break, but I am loving the slate ahead of us nonetheless. We have another customary two series slate ahead of us, but I've had a great feel on the LCK lately and today is no different. The opening series of the day will see Gen.G take on SeolHaeOne Prince (formerly APK Prince for those that have been under a rock this split). This will be followed by an intriguing series between Damwon Gaming and kt Rolster. Without further delay, why don't we dive right in?

Gen.G (-750) vs. SeolHaeOne Prince (+425)

Let me begin this breakdown by saying that I am thoroughly surprised that Gen.G is laying this much juice. They are sitting with a 2-1 record while SP is 1-2, but Gen.G hasn't been impressive to me so far. All three of their series have gone the distance as they lost 1-2 to DragonX while beating kt Rolster and Damwon Gaming 2-1. SeolHaeOne Prince has a 2-1 win over Hanwha Life under their belt, albeit that isn't impressive at all. Their two losses came 0-2 to Damwon Gaming and 1-2 to Team Dynamics. I believe that these two losses were expected from them, and they probably shouldn't have even taken a game from Team Dynamics. Gen.G has a lot of talent on their roster, but at the same time, I feel as though oddsmakers aren't giving SeolHaeOne Prince enough credit. They picked up veteran Mid Laner Mickey who's competed in the LCK, LCS, LEC and he was tenured with Team WE's academy team (Team WE Academy) which competes in the LDL (the minor league of the LPL) over his seven-year professional career. Mickey's experience was much needed for SP, and it will come in handy against Gen.G who has a ton of experience across their roster. I'm not exactly confident that SP can win this entire series, but I fully expect them to take a game. Gen.G has had trouble in the past sweeping teams, and I don't expect them to be able to here either.

Pick: SeolHaeOne Prince (APK Prince) +1.5 Games (+125)

Damwon Gaming (-260) vs. kt Rolster (+185)

The second series of the slate will be an interesting one in my opinion. Damwon Gaming looks better this split as opposed to the spring, and kt Rolster doesn't look quite as strong in my opinion. When you compare these two teams statistically, Damwon Gaming has a huge advantage. Mid Laner ShowMaker is having a great split, and some of this may be attributed to the fact that he plays better with Ghost in the Bot Lane and DWG moved to let Ghost have the starting job full time. Meanwhile, kt Rolster added Mid Laner Ucal from Griffin and he's somewhat of an upgrade from Kuro in my eyes. However, for whatever reason, kt Rolster can't seem to find the synergy necessary to piece together consistency. I have a feeling that this will be another long series for kt Rolster, and I don't see them being victorious in this one. If you're looking for the safest play here, then Damwon Gaming's -260 moneyline is for you. I don't like to play things with a juice lower than -125 or so if I can help it though, so I play DWG's spread for some value.

Pick: Damwon Gaming Spread -1.5 Games (+125)