Coronavirus Elliott Among Cowboys, Texans to Test Positive for COVID-19

Published: 1:46pm, June 15, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL continues to try and run their normal schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic. There were reports Monday that several NFL players, including running back Ezekiel Elliott, tested positive. Will the positive tests have an impact on the league's plans? Read More

Coronavirus MLB Owners Pitch 76-Game Season, Expanded Playoffs

Published: 5:58pm, June 8, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLB season remains on pause as we await the first pitch of the 2020 season. Owners made their latest proposal on Monday in an effort to try and come to an agreement. We break it down for you. Read More

Coronavirus Spurs Playoff Hopes Dealt Blow With Aldridge Injury

Published: 4:51pm, June 8, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The San Antonio Spurs are ramping up for the NBA's restart next month. However, they'll do it without a key contributor to their rotation. Can the Spurs overcome that injury and find a way to climb into the playoffs? Read More

Coronavirus NFL to Hold Training Camps for Teams at Home Facilities

Published: 7:00pm, June 3, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL is working toward starting their season with business as usual. As it stands, the league has said that players likely won't return to facilities until training camp. Now, the NFL has stated that training camps will be at the main practice facility of the teams. Read More

Coronavirus NBA News and Notes

Published: 5:39pm, June 2, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NBA has been on pause since March 12 but a looming vote by the Board of Governors could bring action back next month. What's all the latest information about where they may play, how many teams and the rest? We fill you in. Read More

NCAAFB 2020 College Football Classic between Notre Dame and Navy moved to Annapolis

Published: 12:28pm, June 2, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The opening week of the college football season was slated to bring the Aer Lingus College Football Classic from Dublin when Notre Dame faced Navy. Tuesday morning, the schools announced the game wouldn't take place in Ireland. Where will it be contested and what's important about it? Read More

Coronavirus Small Market Teams Want All 30 Teams to Play in NBA Restart

Published: 3:13pm, June 1, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NBA is to vote later this week about a return to play this summer. An extended playoff field is on the table but some teams want more than that. What's the latest about the league heading into this critical vote? Read More

Coronavirus The Latest on the Plight of Minor League Players in the MLB Pipeline

Published: 4:46pm, May 30, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLB season was expected to start on March 26 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on March 12. Minor league players are due to see their stipends run out on May 31. What's the latest on their situation going forward? Read More

Coronavirus NBA Schedules Vote for Next Week, Plan to Set Return

Published: 7:04pm, May 29, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NBA has been on pause since March 12 thanks to the coronavirus. There is big news coming out on Friday regarding when we might see the league return. What's the latest about the NBA from Commissioner Adam Silver? Read More

Premier League Premier League will resume in mid-June

Published: 11:25am, May 28, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
While the NBA and NHL are expected to resume at some point and finish up their seasons, another hugely popular professional league is expected to return even sooner. Read More