NFL Jamal Adams Wants Out of the Big Apple

Published: 3:59pm, June 19, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The ongoing rift between All-Pro safety Jamal Adams and the Jets continues to widen. On Thursday, he formally requested a trade from the franchise as he looks to reset the market for safeties. Which side will blink in this dangerous game of chicken and how will it impact either side? Read More

NFL Former QB Hackenberg Hopes Move to Baseball Rejuvenates Career

Published: 3:18pm, June 16, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
Christian Hackenberg failed to deliver as a quarterback after being drafted by the Jets in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2016. He now looks to try and revitalize his career but in a different sport. Can he have any success on the baseball diamond where he failed on the gridiron? Read More

Coronavirus Elliott Among Cowboys, Texans to Test Positive for COVID-19

Published: 1:46pm, June 15, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL continues to try and run their normal schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic. There were reports Monday that several NFL players, including running back Ezekiel Elliott, tested positive. Will the positive tests have an impact on the league's plans? Read More

NFL NFL Looking at Potential Slashing of Preseason From 4 Games to 2

Published: 4:55pm, June 10, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL stands three months away from the regular season opener. Before we get there, the league is contemplating coming up with new ways to handle training camp and the preseason. What's the latest news surrounding the league and their plans? Read More

NFL Minnesota RB Dalvin Cook Is Holding Out For A Contract Extension

Published: 9:07am, June 9, 2020 EDT by The Dominator
Minnesota running back Dalvin Cook has announced that he will not participate in team-related activities until he receives a contract extension. Read More

NFL Who Has The Best Wide Receiver Corps In the NFL?

Published: 2:20pm, June 4, 2020 EDT by The Dominator
Things are happening in the world of sports and we can only hope that the NFL season will go off without a hitch. Today we will be taking a look at the Top 10 Wide Receiver groups in the league. Read More

Coronavirus NFL to Hold Training Camps for Teams at Home Facilities

Published: 7:00pm, June 3, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL is working toward starting their season with business as usual. As it stands, the league has said that players likely won't return to facilities until training camp. Now, the NFL has stated that training camps will be at the main practice facility of the teams. Read More

NFL George Kittle Looking to Reset Tight End Market

Published: 1:51pm, May 30, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
George Kittle has proven to be a steal as a fifth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He is in the final year of his contract as he looks to blow away the highest salary for the tight end position. How much will the 49ers pay the All-Pro to keep him with the team? Read More

NFL Jadeveon Clowney's Suitors Dwindling as Offseason Continues

Published: 2:01pm, May 27, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
Free agency started more than two months ago and most of the big names signed early on. One of the big names still out there is Jadeveon Clowney, who spent last season with Seattle. What's the latest on his potential situation? Read More

Coronavirus Stephen Ross Says to Expect Football in 2020

Published: 5:43pm, May 26, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL is still planning on coming back when their season is slated to start in September. According to at least one owner, he expects there to be football in the fall and fans in the stands. Read More