NFL Jadeveon Clowney Still on the Market As Training Camp Looms

Published: 4:27pm, July 8, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
Training camps begin in about three weeks but there still remains a big free agent on the market at this stage of the game. Jadeveon Clowney remains unsigned but there are several teams interested in bringing him on board. Will he accept one of the pending contract offers out there and get back to playing this season? Read More

NFL Patrick Mahomes Scores The Biggest Payday In NFL History

Published: 10:00pm, July 6, 2020 EDT by The Dominator
On Monday, Mahomes signed a contract extension that could pay him $503 million over 10 years. That includes $477 million of guaranteed money. It is the biggest contract in NFL History. Read More

NFL How much will Cam Newton help the Patriots?

Published: 4:22pm, June 29, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
What does the addition of Cam Newton mean to the New England Patriots and their chances to win a 12th straight AFC East crown? The oddsmakers appear to think that the Patriots are going to be a contender again or at least going to win the division. Read More

NFL Cam Newton agrees to deal with the Patriots

Published: 8:13pm, June 28, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
One of the last big names in NFL free agency apparently has finally found a home. Cam Newton is headed up north to replace Tom Brady in New England, assuming he's healthy. Read More

NFL 2020 Breakout Wide Receivers in the NFL

Published: 6:16pm, June 23, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
Who will be the next breakout star at wide receiver in the NFL? Who will be the next Julio Jones or Michael Thomas? Ben will take a look at eight young wide receivers in the NFL who are set to have breakout seasons. Read More

NFL 2020 Breakout Running Backs in the NFL

Published: 1:17pm, June 23, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
Running backs are still crucial to a team's success in the NFL and you also need great depth at that position. Derrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey and Ezekiel Elliott are just three of some special running backs in the NFL. Who will be the next C-Mac or Nick Chubb in 2020? Read More

NFL 2020 Breakout quarterbacks in the NFL

Published: 12:01pm, June 23, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
Success in the NFL is usually defined by strong quarterback play. You can't win nowadays without a talented signal-caller and finding one is not very easy. Read on for the top 5 breakout quarterbacks of 2020. Read More

NFL Jamal Adams Wants Out of the Big Apple

Published: 3:59pm, June 19, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The ongoing rift between All-Pro safety Jamal Adams and the Jets continues to widen. On Thursday, he formally requested a trade from the franchise as he looks to reset the market for safeties. Which side will blink in this dangerous game of chicken and how will it impact either side? Read More

NFL Former QB Hackenberg Hopes Move to Baseball Rejuvenates Career

Published: 3:18pm, June 16, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
Christian Hackenberg failed to deliver as a quarterback after being drafted by the Jets in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2016. He now looks to try and revitalize his career but in a different sport. Can he have any success on the baseball diamond where he failed on the gridiron? Read More

Coronavirus Elliott Among Cowboys, Texans to Test Positive for COVID-19

Published: 1:46pm, June 15, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The NFL continues to try and run their normal schedule despite the COVID-19 pandemic. There were reports Monday that several NFL players, including running back Ezekiel Elliott, tested positive. Will the positive tests have an impact on the league's plans? Read More