MLB Nick Markakis Second Braves Player to Opt Out of 2020 MLB Season

Published: 3:14pm, July 6, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLB season, such that it is, is expected to start on July 23. Several players have made the tough decision to opt out of the season for health reasons. After Felix Hernandez became the first player for the Braves to step out for the 2020 campaign, he was joined by Nick Markakis on Monday. Will it be the end of the line for either or both of those guys? Read More

MLB Jose Quintana Out After Thumb Surgery Courtesy of Washing Dishes

Published: 4:10pm, July 2, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
There are always freak injuries in sports. Sammy Sosa ended up on the disabled list from a sneeze before. Blake Snell broke a toe getting out of the shower. This season has yet to start yet, but we have a candidate for the freak injury of the year. Read on to learn about the blow the Cubs took when one of their starting pitchers hit the shelf already. Read More

MLB Detroit Tigers partner with PointsBet

Published: 11:02am, July 2, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
We’ve come a long way when it comes to mixing gambling and sports. A few years ago, major league sports didn’t want to recognize or bring to the forefront that people wager on their sport. That has certainly changed within the last two years. Read More

MLB Baseball Breakout Players: Outfielders

Published: 5:29pm, July 1, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
The baseball season is set to start on July 24, with a short spring training. A casualty of the coronavirus pandemic was the fact that there will be no minor league baseball this season.  Read More

MLB 2020 Baseball Breakout Players: Starting pitchers

Published: 1:39pm, June 30, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
The baseball season is set to start on July 24 and unfortunately, there will likely be no minor league baseball. However, there will be a 60-man roster for at least the spring training part, which will be trimmed to 40 man rosters. There will be 14 players who not on the 26-man major league roster on optional assignment to a minor league team.  Read More

MLB First Three Players Opt Out Of 2020 MLB Season

Published: 9:28pm, June 29, 2020 EDT by The Dominator
On Thursday afternoon, Mike Leake (Arizona), Joe Ross (Washington), and Ryan Zimmerman (Washington) all announced that they will opt-out of this season. They all did so within an hour each other. Read More

MLB Baseball Win Totals for 2020-Top Picks

Published: 4:27pm, June 25, 2020 EDT by Ben the Pen
The baseball season is now 60 games, which means win totals have to be adjusted. Which teams are good over plays and which ones are good under plays in win totals for the reduced 2020 season? Read More

MLB MLBPA Shoots Down Owners' 60-Game Proposal: Implented Schedule to Come?

Published: 7:29pm, June 22, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLBPA turned down the latest offer from the owners in regards to having a 60-game schedule. Now, we wait to see what commissioner Rob Manfred has in store to try and get some part of the 2020 season played. Read More

MLB Manfred Rejects MLBPA 70-Game Proposal: What's Next?

Published: 5:09pm, June 19, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
MLB continues to try to reach an agreement regarding a return to play this season. After what seemed like a promising week of negotiations, things seem to be back where we started. Can they turn things around quickly? Read More

MLB MLBPA Fires Back With 70-Game Proposal

Published: 6:13pm, June 18, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
It's been a busy week for MLB, which has seen the two sides exchange multiple ideas. On Tuesday, Tony Clark and Rob Manfred met in Arizona. That led to a 60-game proposal from the owners Wednesday. Thursday, the players countered with another offer of their own. Can the two sides bridge the gap? Read More