MLB Manfred Details Plan for Players who Test Positive for Coronavirus

Published: 9:25pm, May 15, 2020 EDT by Bosun
Baseball could make its return in less than two months and commissioner Rob Manfred has a detailed plan for players who test positive for COVID-19.  Read More

Coronavirus MLB Draft Date Set, to Be Held Virtually

Published: 7:45pm, May 15, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLB Draft has already been shortened due to financial impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When will it take place and what happens going forward? Read More

Coronavirus MLB Owners Approve Proposal to Return: Will Players Agree?

Published: 2:49pm, May 12, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The MLB owners passed a proposal that would get their season started in early July. What are the specifics of the plan and will the players consider it? We break it down for you. Read More

Coronavirus MLB Preparing to Send Return to Play Proposal to Union

Published: 12:21pm, May 7, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
MLB was supposed to start their season on March 26 before the COVID-19 pandemic. What's the latest about its potential return to the diamond? Read More

MLB KBO Kicks Off New Season, New TV Deal With ESPN Tuesday

Published: 2:14pm, May 4, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The KBO is ready to kick off their season on Tuesday. Will their new TV deal with ESPN bring ratings for the network and be a hit at the sportsbooks? Read More

Coronavirus New MLB Proposal Could See Three Divisions, Teams Playing at Home

Published: 2:01pm, April 29, 2020 EDT by Chris Kubala
The latest MLB proposal is one that has optimism from owners and players. Could we see a radical change in the schedule to get teams back on the field? Read More