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First Three Players Opt Out Of 2020 MLB Season

On Thursday afternoon, Mike Leake (Arizona), Joe Ross (Washington), and Ryan Zimmerman (Washington) all announced that they will opt-out of... Read More

Baseball Win Totals for 2020-Top Picks

The baseball season is now 60 games, which means win totals have to be adjusted. Which teams are good over... Read More

MLBPA Shoots Down Owners' 60-Game Proposal: Implented Schedule to Come?

The MLBPA turned down the latest offer from the owners in regards to having a 60-game schedule. Now, we wait... Read More

Manfred Rejects MLBPA 70-Game Proposal: What's Next?

MLB continues to try to reach an agreement regarding a return to play this season. After what seemed like a... Read More

MLBPA Fires Back With 70-Game Proposal

It's been a busy week for MLB, which has seen the two sides exchange multiple ideas. On Tuesday, Tony Clark... Read More

Baseball players want to play more games in latest news

Another hold up in the negotiations to play baseball this summer? What else is new? Now, baseball players want to... Read More

MLB Owners Send Over 60-Game Proposal In Latest Attempt to Get Season Started

After the players walked away from the negotiating table over the weekend, the two sides met in Phoenix on Tuesday.... Read More

MLB Players Less than Impressed With Latest Offer

The MLB owners sent a proposal to the players association in an effort to try and get the 2020 season... Read More

MLB Owners Make Latest Pitch in Efforts to Get Season Going

The MLB season remains in a state of flux as the owners and players continue to search for a middle... Read More

Latest Proposal from MLBPA offers 89 games and a 16-team postseason

At some point, there will be baseball. Will it be this season with 100 games, 75 games or 50 games?... Read More

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